Reviews of Our Online Voice and Music Lessons

From voice to ukulele, read some of the rave reviews for our music lessons and our instructors from satisfied students and parents.

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One of my daughters works with Daria for weekly clarinet lessons. Another of my daughters works with Elham for weekly piano lessons and Sarah for weekly violin lessons.

(We have our own instruments).

--Classes via zoom. So, we can technically log in from anywhere.

--Classes can be recorded for replay and/or safety monitoring.

--Easy pay using Paypal.

--LOVE the google calendar reminder with the zoom ID, teacher's email and phone #s, etc.

--My daughters and I are happy with the classes. --As good as (if not better than) in-person classes, in my opinion. --Fits our schedule, which was often difficult for us with in-person classes. We do evening classes.

--The teachers provide a weekly class recap and assignment/plan for next class.

--Easy access to recap and assignments (Google Drive). --I can easily reach the teachers by text/call and email.

--Chris, who runs the program, is also very responsive. I initially contacted him at different times of the day with questions (even late night/overnight/early morning) and he responded very quickly.

--There have been a few small issues causing delay to class start times (one need for class reschedule) but we have no problems with the classes and teachers themselves.

--We do not plan on returning to in-person classes.

Clarinet, Piano, and Violin Lessons

Alie D. 

Schenectady, New York

All Around Music has surpassed my expectations so far. I'm very pleased with the entire process, especially my lessons. I would give my highest recommendation to anyone desiring music lessons online.

Piano Lessons

Oni C. 

Mount Holly, New Jersey

Christopher and Daria have been wonderful. They are willing to work around life's emergencies, and Christopher has been very generous with his time. Daria's attitude about the lessons has been great! She hasn't passed any judgments about my juvenile taste in music.

Flute Lessons

Andrea M. 

Monmouth, Oregon

The experience has been wonderful so far. My daughter is receiving virtual clarinet lessons, and the first lesson went well. I am hopeful everything will continue moving in a positive manner. The turnaround time from my initial request to the response from this organization was very prompt. Scheduling or booking classes for my daughter was very easy. The prices are both competitive and affordable. The staffers were very receptive and friendly. Overall, this has been a pleasant experience. I will provide updates as we continue.

Clarinet Lessons

Chassity S.

Semmes, Alabama

Everything we needed!

Vocal Lessons

Marie B. 

Half Moon Bay, California

I have been taking voice lessons with Morgan Paige (who has the voice of a beautiful Disney Princess!!). Wow my voice doesn’t sound like her, she found the strength in my voice and really helped me exercise it. Her vocal exercises were wonderful at relaxing the vocal cords So the sound came out much fuller. She is also a very positive, encouraging teacher and really build your confidence. I was credulous at first about online lessons, but the process was a smooth as silk!

Vocal Lessons

Kristan C. 

Madison, Wisconsin

All Around Music is a great company to work with. They are very affordable, offer a broad range of services and are very responsive. I hired James for guitar lessons for my 10yo daughter and he is an excellent teacher. He’s very patient, kind and is knowledgeable about the instrument. I love how at the end of each session he consults with me on her progress. We are overly satisfied with our Choice of service with All Around Music.

Guitar Lessons

Tamika P. 

Charlotte, North Carolina

They literally proved what their business and teachers are about and I love it.

Audio Production Lessons

Janet B.  

Staten Island, New York

I have no complaints, and all good things to say about All Around Music & the voice coach, Morgan. Thanks for a great experience; we will be continuing lessons.

Vocal Lessons

Stephanie O. 

Appleton, Wisconsin

I am very confident in this group!!

Vocal Lessons

Prince K. 

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

While I do have a musical background, I’m. Ew to string instruments. As a beginner Abigail and Chris have been so helpful and patient with teaching me how to play the violin. Learning remotely offers a unique form of flexibility, while still being able to get the full scope of in person teaching. I look forward to class each time ! 😄

Violin Lessons

Ashley O. 

West Hartford, Connecticut

Excellent and responsive. Experienced teachers!

Guitar Lessons

Gail A

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Instructor Jasme is awesome and care about your progress. She aims to provide value each and every lesson. Chris is very supportive of us students and the instructors insuring everyone is on the same page all the time. Thank you I AM loving the virtual experience.

Guitar Lessons


Tucson, Arizona

So far, so good.

Guitar Lessons

David C. 

Seattle, Washington

I love my piano teacher James !! Chris knows his teachers and recommended the best option for me based on my interests and goals. I also love how attentive and helpful they are if I need any help.

Piano Lessons

Jerica B. 

Dallas, TX

We have had a fantastic experience here! They have been extremely accommodating with scheduling, and my daughter is making great progress on the guitar with James. Everyone has been helpful, and James has established a great relationship with my daughter. I can’t say enough good things about All Around Music! Highly recommend James!

Guitar Lessons

Rachel W.

Beaverton, Oregon

Great service, very customer prurient es an friendly.

Violin Lessons

Javier S. 


Great voice lessons, Morgan is patient and has a great demeanor with children. She is extremely talented and her teaching style is wonderful. Could not have been paired with a better voice coach.

Vocal Lessons

Patricia G.

Santa Ana, California

James Cain is a great teacher he's patient, flexible, and organized. I'm looking forward to future lessons with him!

Piano Lessons

Samuel D. 

Hagerstown, Maryland

Chris has been providing guitar lessons for my 7 year old son. He is very helpful and always goes above and beyond! My son always looks forward to learning from Chris. I highly recommend!

Marisol B. 


My two sons have been doing piano lessons with Chris for a little over a month now and they thoroughly enjoy doing lessons with him! He provides weekly materials so that the kids have music to practice in between weekly lessons. He’s very responsive and works very well with young children. My kids look forward to their weekly lessons with him and they are learning the fundamentals of piano playing. I definitely recommend All Around Music!

Alicia D. 


My wife found Chris online for guitar lessons for our 7 year old. After just a few weeks, my 7 year old was doing really cool things with his new guitar. Chris sent us printouts of the weekly lessons so my son could practice during the week. And now I've been learning the lessons too. Any teacher who can keep my son's attention for a full half hour (sometimes he even goes over) AND actually teach him something too is a great teacher!

Tim M. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I enjoy taking classes with Christopher ! Very professional and easy to learn ! Looking forward to learn how to play guitar

Mary K. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Christopher has amazing patience and works so well with my children. They are learning the viola and guitar and they really look forward to their weekly lessons with you.

Tricia B.

Trenton, New Jersey 

Working with Chris Pinon is an absolute pleasure. First, he is a professional! He knows his stuff, and is enthusiastic to share his knowledge in a way that will speak to his students. He is approachable, funny, and flexible. He works with his students to help them achieve their goals. After many years of taking different guitar classes and guitar lessons with a variety of teachers, Chris has been my best teacher to date! I really enjoy the online component, because he is able to express his knowledge, hone technique, and share documents instantaneously. His multiple camera setup allows for close-ups of chord shapes, a face shot so you feel like you're in the room with him, and sheet music display. Chris is organized, linear, and present, both online and in person. Online lessons with him have opened up a world of possibility for my guitar and ukulele playing! The website is easy to navigate and payment goes without a hitch. I feel very lucky to be a student of Chris Pinon's.


Madison, Wisconsin

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I’m already seeing from guitar lessons with Christopher! At age 33 after only two lessons, I’m able to play an F chord for the first time ever. Christopher caters to my learning needs and gives great homework to focus on in between lessons. I do thirty minute online lessons once a week, and it is a great value. Highly recommend!

Abby F. 

Baltimore, Maryland

Wow! Chris is amazing and sooo patient w my 10 year old daughter. At first I was skeptical about using an online service, but after checking out his website, reading reviews and deciding to take the risk, we met w Chris. He is awesome. Not to mention, as working parents, and our daughter being involved in sports and now wanting to take music lessons- online private lessons are IDEAL!!!! Frankly, I didn’t even think I would find such a service- I am sooo happy! Thank you Chris!!! You truly are awesome, and sooo patient.

Jackie M.

Los Angeles, California

Chris is great! He is very knowledgeable and his instruction is helping me to consistently get better.


Houston, Texas

If you want a music teacher who teaches from the heart and understands that each child had their own way of learning, Christopher is your guy. He is patient, kind and understands children. I have 3 children ages 16, 9 & 7 who take classes with him at our home. He is widely versed in all types of music and instruments. It's truley amazing how gifted he is. In addition, his prices are very reasonable and he is very reliable. He will be part of our family for a long time to come. Stop searching and contact Christopher Pinon. :)


Melissa C.

Weston, Florida

My 8 year old son and I have been taking piano lessons from Chris for the past 8 months. We are both seeing a great improvement in our playing! Chris has the ability to pinpoint just what needs to be worked on. He is very passionate about music and conveys that in his quiet but motivational demeanor. He also uses the technique of professionally recording pieces once they are mastered. Plus, he brings his guitar or violin to the lessons and plays duets with us. It makes me feel like a real musician. Without reservations, I can highly recommend Chris as a very patient and competent teacher.

LaDilia T.

Plantation, Florida

My daughter has been playing the violin since she was 9. She's had a few teachers since. Since Christopher has been teaching her for the past few months her playing has gone to a higher level. He is patient and has a unique style of teaching. Christopher worked hard with Karlie in order to prepare her for the next level at the Florida youth orchestra and she made it to the next level. I highly recommend Christopher.

Carmen K.

Sunrise, Florida

Christopher has been teaching guitar to my son and he has come a long way in a very short time. He is an excellent teacher, he has a very calm demeanor, and a lot of patience. Zach really enjoys his lessons. Christopher has never cancelled a lesson and always is on time. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lorraine L.

Cooper City, Florida

My 6 year old son Anderson loves Mr. Pinon! He is an amazing violin teacher. Very patient, knows how to keep him engaged in the lessons. We are very "democractic" when it comes to extra curricular activities so for Anderson to pick violin over video games is truly amazing!

Arly M.

Plantation, Florida

Mr. Pinon is an excellent teacher. I admire mostly that he is patient with my daughter. His lessons are not rushed or hurried and its not just about playing a piece but understanding how to read music. I have tried different instructors in the past but only Mr. Pinon was able to inspire my daughter to play the piano without any prodding! She was inspired to write her own music that's within the first week! He is flexible, punctual, his price is reasonable and he takes a personal interest in his student. I will recommend him strongly! Thanks Mr. Pinon for motivating my daughter!

Monique E.

Lauderhill, Florida