About Us

All Around Music provides a fun, easy, and interactive virtual music lessons for children and adults who care about improving skills while enjoying the magic of music.


Customized lessons delivered in a 1-1 experience by highly-vetted and qualified music instructors, tailoring to your goals, learning, and genre preferences to ensure that you (or your child) learns and retains the lessons while having fun in the process!


You’re provided support materials with a weekly objective to help you stay on track when practicing on your own.


Teachers are highly vetted, ensuring both a high level of both technical music expertise as well as the ability to teach virtually.


Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your first lesson. 

Contact us now to find the right teacher for you.

Founder and CEO

Christopher Pinon

 Hello, my name is Christopher Pinon, and I am the founder and CEO of All Around Music Online Lessons. With online lessons starting to take its place in education, students from across the world embark on a journey to start using technology to its full potential. With much experience and application in this field, we continue to provide students with a fun, interactive, and engaging way of taking lessons. All Around Music Online Lessons offers a service students can trust by putting their interest first. On our platform, we make it hassle-free and straightforward to experience our leading-edge student tailored music education. 

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